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We're all about encouraging acts of kindness and sharing positive moments. Join us 😄!

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Let's take action together

Fun ideas you could try ↩️

Here are over 30 examples you could do for the SHARE MORE GOOD Challenge (we tried the ✅ ones). Be sure to ask your local community for more ideas and get permission where needed:

  1. Write a handwritten thank-you note to a friend or family member.
  2. Volunteer at a local charity or community center.
  3. Plant flowers or trees in your neighborhood.
  4. Cook a homemade meal for someone in need.
  5. Organize a virtual game night with friends or colleagues.
  6. Donate unused clothes or household items to a local shelter.
  7. Send an uplifting message/quote to someone who needs it.
  8. Refill your local Free Little Library.
  9. Create care packages with essential items for the homeless.
  10. Share three things you're thankful for with someone else.
  11. Offer to walk your neighbor's dog or help with pet care.
  12. Bake cookies or treats and share them with your neighbors.
  13. Write positive reviews for local businesses or services.
  14. Teach a friend or family member a new skill or hobby.
  15. ✅ Clean up litter in your community or local park.
  16. Donate blood or sign up to be an organ donor.
  17. Share a book recommendation with a friend.
  18. Offer to babysit for a family in need of a break.
  19. Write a thank you letter to someone serving in your community.
  20. Start a fundraising campaign for a cause you care about.
  21. Create and deliver care packages for healthcare workers.
  22. Volunteer at a local school or mentor a student.
  23. Share a meal with a lonely or elderly neighbor.
  24. Write a positive message with chalk on your sidewalk or driveway.
  25. Offer to tutor or help someone with their homework.
  26. Collect and donate food to a local food bank or pantry.
  27. Create artwork or crafts to brighten someone's day.
  28. Start a community garden or help tend to an existing one.
  29. Organize a neighborhood clean-up day.
  30. Offer to help a friend/neighbor with home repairs or chores.
  31. Leave encouraging notes of positivity, appreciation, or compliments for strangers (thank you @amgisgoingallin :)
  32. ✅ Share bottled water to those in need.
  33. Give a special thank you to service workers.
  34. ...and MANY more!

Remember to track your progress and share your experiences with us by tagging both @sharemoregood#sharemoregood ... have fun!

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll